Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat

On Halloween we went to Brandon's parents house for some soup and then Mckinley got to go out trick or treating with all of her cousins.

I dressed up like a flower so we could have coordinating costumes again. :)

Out trick or treating.

Mckinley wasn't scared of the Bosco's Yoda man and posed for a picture with him. We've never been out before because we never had a kid, but I guess all of the other grandkids are usually really scared of this.

Same thing with this mask Brandon's dad had. He said all the kids are usually terrified of it but Mckinley knew it was her dad under there and still gave him kisses and hugs.

It was a really fun Halloween!


Haley said...

how fun!! love your sweet bumble bee Mckinley :) And that last picture of her kissing her daddy in that scary mask is too cute! My little Brooks wouldn't even come near me at first when I put on my blonde wig. lol

Kim and Preston said...

Wow...not scared of the masked man. :) Happy Halloween.

Kellie said...

Wow that is crazy that she is not scared of the mask. We tried that with Averie and she screamed bloody murder. Cute costume!