Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mckinley's First Sleep Over

A couple weeks ago Mckinley had her first sleep over with her two cousins, Haley and Brynlee. They had a blast, of course. If you ask me, you are never too young or too old for sleep overs.

Of course the two younger ones had to try on each other's shoes.

For some reason one day every time we changed her diaper Mckinley put her hands behind her head and just relaxed. It was so funny.

Mckinley and I have such a great time just hanging out together all day.

She is super affectionate and gives lots of hugs and kisses. My favorite is when she gives them to the neighbor boys and they don't want them. :)

She sure is figuring out my iPhone pretty fast.

We are off to another sleep over tonight at Brandon's parents house to enjoy Thanksgiving with them. Yay for holidays and lots of time with Brandon!


nora.lakehurst said...

Aw! Yes my kids have semi annual sleepover with their cousins. The girls one weekend and then the boys the next. They make a craft, cookies and other joyful kid stuff.
Kinnley is getting so big! And I think she is adorable.