Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun Stuff

Mckinley is in heaven with this play kitchen that my sister-in-law returned to my mom's house. Even without any food or dishes, she has a blast putting her diapers, wipes, and shoes (or anything else she can find) in the cupboards. Maybe Santa will bring her some play food for Christmas.

The other night I babysat my brother's kids. Mckinley and Bryce are just two months apart so they had fun playing together.

They both have the same cheesy grin...

They just don't show them off at the same time.

Getting ready to change both their diapers.

I love this picture!

Last night we went to Chuck E Cheese with all of Brandon's family and had an absolute blast!!!

I think Brynlee was the funnest kid to watch. She would run around to everyone saying "I need more money!" and then she would go put a token in a ride, ride it for 2 seconds, and then get off while it was still going and find something else to spend her "money" on.

Even some of us adults had fun. (Brandon doesn't know I took this picture. Ha ha ha. Surprise!)

Mckinley is getting quite addicted to our iPhones. She knows how to navigate them by herself and Brandon even taught her how to unlock the phone. Darn it. I was going to hold out on that one as long as possible. Oh well. She's only deleted one app so far and it was my scriptures. Nothing a few quick downloads can't fix.

Mckinley says "cheese" now when we take her picture.

This photo booth is my favorite thing at Chuck E Cheese.

We have a fun weekend ahead of us. We have a big family party tonight with Brandon's family and then we are sleeping over there, and Lincoln's mission farewell is this Sunday, then a party with my family on Monday night, and then just a few days and it will be Christmas!


Lucky to be the mom said...

So cute! Two little people playing together!

Claire got a play kitchen for her 2nd birthday...and it's still in heavy use!!! (Though, she's taken to the real kitchen - has for several years :)) That toy kitchen has had more play value than I could have ever anticipated!


Kim and Preston said...

She is adorable!