Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Time to blog about Christmas. We had fun spending lots of time with family. This is the 3rd year in a row that my parents have been out of the country for Christmas. As sad as it is, it's kinda nice to not have to juggle time with two families. We did get together with my family one night, but I don't think I have any pictures from it. Most of the time was spent with Brandon's family.

On the Tuesday before Christmas my visiting teaching companion was nice enough to do our visits without me so we could go to a BYU basketball game. Mckinley did really well and it was a really fun game to be at. She doesn't like Cosmo and pretty much freaked out when he got really close to her, but she'll wave at him from a distance.

I'm pretty sure you can't try harder than this to smile.

Family picture.

Lincoln leaves January 4th to the MTC. Mckinley loves coloring on his giant list of things he needs to bring.

Christmas Eve we had dinner at Brandon's parents' house.

I got to talk to Amy on the phone for a few minutes while we were over there. Mostly I just wanted Mckinley to talk to her, which she did. It was pretty cool.

Mckinley on Christmas morning all ready for Church.

I really love comparison pictures. We got a family picture by the same tree as last year.

At least we got a smile out of Mckinley this time. :)

Mckinley did pretty well opening presents. She had to make sure she set down each piece of wrapping paper on the ground before ripping off more.

Mckinley was following Bryn around everywhere (as usual) with these little computers.

A rare picture of just the two of us.

My mom had a gift that she bought for Mckinley for Christmas before she left for China. It was this adorable pink marshmallow coat!! Mckinley loved it and wouldn't let us take it off of her.

Her presents from us were simple things like books, a puzzle, clothes, and some bath toys. She had a blast in the bath today.


byufish said...

McKinley wins the cheesy grin award....LOVE the smile at the ballgame!!

nora.lakehurst said...

She is the cutest thing ever. I love that she is so dainty and yet has so much spunk.

Kris said...

hah - you're right, that is a pretty intense smile :) So cute and glad you had a great CHristmas!

The Cederlinds said...

It's always fun to catch up on your blog, I love the cheesy smile!