Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Time to blog about what really matters: Mckinley! She is almost 23 months, just a month away from her 2nd birthday, so hard to believe. She is so much fun right now and learns so much every day. She is getting better and better at talking, I even noticed a change when we got back from our 4 day trip to Florida.

A lot of times she doesn't want her picture taken so we get shots like this.

Here we go, there's her cute little smile.

In case you're wondering what she'll look like with super long hair....Kristen put some extensions in her hair. Ha ha ha, it was so great.

She actually left them in for quite a while.

I finally got the pictures and videos from Brandon's phone uploaded and there were tons I had never seen, like this cute picture of her sleeping. She is in the BEST sleeping phase ever. We discovered that she really like sleeping on a pillow and with the help of the super soft pillow case Brandon's mom made her for Christmas, going to bed is like a treat and sometimes she even asks for it. She always gets so excited to lay down on that pillow!

Her friend Kenzey came over to play again. I have cute pictures of them playing together at a few different stages of their lives. They always change so much in between getting together.

Mckinley is in to doing the splits, and even did them when she laid down in bed one night.

Mckinley and her best friend/cousin Brynn. Mckinley follows EVERYTHING Brynn does, it's so cute!

Probably the one thing that will keep her entertained for the longest amount of time right now is playing with the squirt bottle. She will walk all around the yard spraying anything she can and it is so fun to her! If only we could give her a spray bottle during Sacrament meeting...

One of the main reasons I wanted to get all of Brandon's stuff uploaded was for this cute video of Mckinley "reading" a book. She is starting to have little jabber sessions and this was the first one, a few weeks ago. I'm pretty much putting this on here for my mom and dad's sake, but if anyone else wants to take a look, go ahead.
Long story short. We are in love with Mckinley and every stage just gets more and more fun.


Kris said...

Cute pictures and fun post about Florida too! So jealous! And that's so funny because Lincoln LOVES our water bottle right now too. We play a family game that includes spraying other people and he never wants to stop spraying. How are you feeling by the way??