Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well, I really like blogging but I hate blogging without pictures and uploading pictures from my crappy camera, and from my phone and from Brandon's phone is just a pain in the butt. So blogging isn't as fun for me anymore. There are some pictures I wanted to put on here but they are on Brandon's phone so who knows if I'll ever get them.

Not in any specific order....

13 week belly shot.

15 weeks. Definitely a lot bigger than last time. But not a surprise.

Mckinley eating raw oats straight from the bucket at Kristen's house. Mmmm?

Cute big girl panties that I desperately wish she could wear. Too bad she is totally not ready for potty training yet though. :( I sure hope she changes her mind before the twins are born. That would be a nice present to me.

We got a new (slightly massive) TV and Mckinley had a blast playing in the box.
Her cute new swimsuit that I can't wait for her to wear!
Cute pink bum!!!!

 Mckinley asked Brandon to put all these clips and bows in her hair the other day. Ha ha, I love it!

Yesterday was my dreaded 30th birthday. I really don't like the fact that I had to turn 30. I feel so old. Most of my birthday was super crappy and full of disappointments but some parts were good, like an amazing bacon, egg, and pancake breakfast last Saturday, going to lunch at Iggy's today, a trip to Jamba Juice, and a few other things. I won't go into the crappy stuff here. This blog is just mostly for happy memories.
Mckinley at Jamba.
They gave her a cute little cup her size. It was awesome. I used to work at this very jamba 13 years ago. It feels like maybe 5 years but I guess I'm older than I think I am.
If I ever get the pictures from Brandon's phone I might post again. We'll see...


3boys2girls said...

Happy birthday!! I know how you feel about the panties, I so wish Mati would cooperate even a little! Cute pictures! Sarah

bishopfamily said...

Happy belated birthday!!! I love all the pics that you take. The swimming suit is adorable, Girls are so fun to shop for! Yay for the twins, Glad that they are growing. Boy and a Girl right?! So so fun!

Stacey said...

Happy belated birthday! Let's just embrace our 30's and love them. I was so not excited to turn 30 but it happens and we've done a lot and been through a lot and now we are 30. Oh well, love it. Let's not let our husbands make us feel old. I'm so excited for your twins! I wish you were feeling better though.

Kim and Preston said...

Happy Birthday! Ya I know the feeling about 30, I felt that way just a month ago! Plus you look so great! So excited about your twins!

Lucky to be the mom said...

Happy 30's! A new decade of adventures!
You're just too cute pregnant - and we couldn't be more excited for your growing family!
I'm so glad we still get to 'see' y'all - even if it's just the blog :)
Mckinley is too cute in her swimming suit - yeah for warmer weather!
Denise and family