Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Believe it or not, you are about to get a post without any pictures of Mckinley. Reason why: We just went on a trip without Mckinley.

Between the camera, and both of our phones, we had a LOT of pictures from this trip. Brandon and Jason qualified for the MetLife Leadership Conference and it was in Orlando, FL. Shannon and I tagged along of course. Somehow I didn't get one picture of the four of us together, but we did go with them.

We stayed in an old Disney resort somewhere in the middle of the huge area that is called Disney World. Man, that place is so spread out! I prefer Disneyland a million times over Disney World.

Here's a picture at our resort.

The was the opening dinner, a buffet on the beach. It was a little windy so the food wasn't super warm, and of course none of us drink so we left pretty early.

We got to spend an afternoon at Sea World. It would have been more fun if it wasn't so HOT.
We did enjoy the Shamu show and the Dolphin show though. They were pretty awesome.

Brandon took a ton of videos of both shows, mainly to show them to Mckinley when we got home. I'm not even going to bother trying to post one on here.

The next day we were able to spend the afternoon at the Animal Kingdom. I heard the safari was cool and really wanted to go on it. It really was fun but the park didn't have too many other rides to go on.

This is us heading out on the safari ride.


Some of the animals were super close to the road, which was pretty cool.

This is us with Disney's giant man-made tree in the background. It was so cool to see.

This is us after our dinner the last night. We left early again because pretty much all there was to do there was drink. Not to mention we had a super early flight home Saturday morning.

Mckinley stayed with Brandon's mom he whole time we were gone. She was so sweet to take care of her for us. She stayed there with Jason and Shannon's two girls and I think they all had a blast together. We missed her a lot while we were gone but it sure was nice not to have to take care of her while we were there! Vacations are a lot of fun but I think I'm getting old or something because I think I enjoy getting back home the most.
I forgot to mention the resort had an awesome pool that we really enjoyed swimming in. There are a few pictures of us by the pool but I don't want the one of me posted and I'm pretty sure Brandon wouldn't want the one of him posted either. Man, we really are getting old. :(


Emily said...

Steph, do you realize you have a post about Disneyland and then your next post is about Disneyworld? What's wrong with this picture? Not fair :) BTW SO excited for you and your boy/girl twins!!!! Super fun news!