Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She's 2

Mckinley turned 2 yesterday and had such a fun day! She was so excited about her birthday and would yell "cheese" really loud every time I wanted to take her picture. She has been hiding from the camera lately but not yesterday!

She opened a disney princess nightgown the night before which she of course loves.

Eating her traditional Mickey Mouse pancake for breakfast. See here for last year's picture.

Grandma and Grandpa Bishop in China got to watch her open a gift from them over Skype.

So excited about her Snow White puzzle.

A couple birthday pictures of the 2 year old. 

It didn't take her long to figure out she is now two and she'll even show you on her fingers (although it kind of looks like she's holding up three fingers).

A few days before her birthday we sang to her at my brother's house and had her blow out candles. She was so excited to have everyone singing to her and she was adorable shaking her head back and forth to try to get the candles out. There's a video of it but it's on Brandon's phone.

Here she is the night of her birthday with her two favorite cousins.

She was laughing so hard and just super excited while we all sang to her. There's a video of it here.

Blowing out the candles (for the second time).

Opening presents. She got lots of fun stuff for her birthday, new books, new dresses, a doll and baby stroller, and more. She was in heaven.

She has been taking excellent care of her new baby ever since. I think I've got a good helper on my hands for when the twins are born!

Family picture.

Playing with her doll later that night.

The whole day was so fun. She loved her pancake breakfast, watched Dora while I showered and got ready, took a long 3 hour nap, visited Great Grandma Bishop in the afternoon, went to Wendy's for dinner, and had a cake and ice cream party that night. Two year olds are so easy to please!


Megan Erickson said...

She is so cute. Happy Birthday! Two is an easy one..
I I am so excited you are having twins! Better keep me up to date on that one!

Adam and Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Mckinley!
I watched all the videos on you tube. my favorite was of her reading. cute!