Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beating the Odds

The average delivery for twins is 35 weeks. I am 35 weeks 1 day today so I have beat the odds! Woohoo!
My sister-in-law Jessica came over on Monday and took some pictures for us. Thank so much Jess! They are great!
Mckinley thinks she has babies in her tummy as well. 
Not too long before she came over, Brandon burned his fingers really bad on our lawnmower engine. Oh, I feel so bad for him. He said the pain was worse than getting his appendix taken out. 
And as if we don't have enough on our plate, this little girl decided to eat a bite of Brandon's chapstick last week (she's never done that before). The chapstick he had just been using on his cold sore. So now her body is learning how to deal with this new virus. She has had a fever for three days and has red swollen gums. Let me tell you, it is not easy taking care of an injured husband and sick daughter while you are 35 weeks pregnant. Not easy at all. Here's to hoping these babies stay inside me until Brandon's fingers are healed and Mckinley's virus is gone.


Kari-Lynn said... are SO stinkin cute. I can't believe you are having twins. I'm so excited for you guys...and hope everyone starts feeling better soon!!!

Amanda&Wade said...

You look amazing! YAY for beating the odds, that really is so awesome... and I just have to say I am so sorry about your hubby and little girl :( SO sad! And Brandon's fingers, seriously look so painful. I really hope they both have a speedy recovery!

Kris said...

Ahh, Brandon's fingers look so painful! And poor McKinley... heck, poor you! Thanks for the text today... I've been really depressed all week about all of the houses we're not getting so it was nice to have a little txt from you. Sorry today wasn't good for getting together. Maybe this weekend I can at least drop stuff off to you before your little ones come. Crazy!!

Trent & Emily Davies said...

That hand makes me cringe!! I have never seen a burn like that before!

PS You look amazing! You don't look like you are pregnant with twins!! Hope you can keep them cooking in there longer!!

Aubrey said...

35 WEEKS!! You look great! I don't know about you, but the summer went by WAY fast for me. Suddenly I'm 37 weeks and thinking, where did the time go?!?! Haha!

Jilleen said...

Good luck with all that's on your plate. Brandon's fingers made me cringe. Poor guy. Poor Mckinley. And poor you! Hang in there.

Jamie said...

wow. you have lots going on... hope brandon's fingers heal quickly. ouch. those look awful. Mason steppd on hot coals a few years ago. He was in such terrible pain. so I feel for Brandon. It's awful. Good luck in the next few weeks. Exciting times are ahead!

Stacey said...

Oh no, I wish I had read this before I came over yesterday. I have some oils that will help with Brandon's fingers. Ouch! I hope everyone gets better fast.