Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A big belly

This picture boggles my mind. How in the world did my stomach get this big? Lots of people told me in the beginning that I looked small for twins and I would always tell them I've still got time to get huge. See? :)
(37 weeks with twins)

If you're looking at that picture thinking wow, that must be so awkward to walk around and try to live life with that massive thing attached to the front of her, you're RIGHT! Life is so uncomfortable right now. But I only have 9 days left. I think I can do it.
Mckinley always likes to get in on the belly shot action.
It sure is sad to think that this little girl won't get as much attention as she gets now. But we are all going to love our babies and we are excited for this new chapter. She will be such a great big sister.

Here is Mckinley talking on the phone to Brandon the other day while he was on his way home from work. I love giving her the phone, listening to her side of the conversation and wondering what the person on the other end is asking her or saying to her. She is a pretty good little conversationalist!


Kirsta and Morian said...

You look fantastic! I have a friend who just had twins and she must have been laying next to each going out b/c she was really poking out, much more than you! (Her babies were 6lbs 11oz and 6lbs 15oz!)

Kris said...

You look so good Steph! Hang in there. I wish so much that I had the resources to throw you a shower or something, especially since you're having a little boy this time around. Can't wait to meet them!

Kim and Preston said...

You look great! I am sure you are getting excited to have your family go from 3 to 5. How exciting. So glad that everyone is healthy and happy :)

Cyleste said...

I can't believe you haven't had them yet! I am so excited for you guys. I keep waiting for the post to say they are here!

Amanda&Wade said...

Seriously Steph! You are ALL belly! I don't know how you are not on bed rest! GO YOU! I have never known any one personally that got this far into pregnancy with twins, yay! You are awesome!