Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two weeks left

We are getting close people! The 27th is the big day. Just two more weeks from tomorrow.
Here is my 36 week belly that is measuring at 42 weeks. :)
I was supposed to have non stress tests once a week for the last 4 weeks of this pregnancy but they let me skip two of them, so I only had two. Here is my belly covered in monitors yesterday. You can't even see the third monitor, it's hiding under my big belly. Both babies are looking great. Boy is still head down, girl is sideways up on top constanly flipping from side to side (don't ask me where she's finding the room to flip her 6 lb, 18 inch long body!). 
After 8 completely miserable days, Mckinley finally turned a corner yesterday and is almost all the way back to her old self. Just in time because I was (and still kind of am) about to drop dead. Oh, it's so good to see her smiling again. 
Now for some cute pictures from Brandon's phone. Mckinley and her princesses hanging out in her old crib.
Just because she's so cute.
This is how you find Mckinley a lot. Hanging out on the couch watching Mickey Mouse on my phone.

I asked Mckinley to help me get the clothes out of the dryer the other day and she was very selective about it. The only clothes that made it to the basket were her own. 
Brandon decided to pop and then cut off the blisters on his burned fingers. Oh, they look so sore! But they're not hurting him. They are actually healing quite nicely. So, we are on the mend. I'm just wondering if my body can handle being pregnant for two more weeks.
Oh, and in case you want to see a picture of the babies, Mckinley took one yesterday. She was playing around with the camera and taking pictures of me and Brandon. Then she said "I'm gonna take a picture of the babies." And just took this super close up picture of my belly. Ha ha. Love it.


Kim and Preston said...

Congratulations! So exciting you made it this far. Can't wait to meet them.

Jake and Mal said...

I can't believe you've made is so far with twins! Way to go :) I hope everything goes perfectly with your delivery.