Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 Months

The twins are two months old! And what a difference from a month ago. They are growing like weeds. They are so much fun and I seriously can't get enough of them!
Little miss Kallie weighed in today at 8 lbs 15 oz -5%. Length was 21 inches - 4%. Head 15 inches - 58%.
Tyler was 9 lbs 8 oz - 3%. Length 21.5 inches - 2%. Head 15.25 inches - 42%.
I knew the day would eventually come when I would get them both smiling on camera. It is SO much fun to have two babies! I look at them and just can't believe they are both mine. I am so lucky.
I love the crying pictures. Kallie's face is awesome. They fit into their matching pajamas!
Sweet girl Mckinley fell asleep on the couch today watching a movie. I love it!
We went to Kristen's house to see her baby on Monday night and we decided to take some pictures of the kids in her massive stocking that she has.
I don't think Santa himself could beat these stocking stuffers.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


What an amazing Thanksgiving weekend. What better to be thankful for than new babies?
My sister Kristen had her little baby boy on Thanksgiving morning after about 20 hours of labor. They named him Maverick.
My sister-in-law Shellee had her baby girl the day before Thanksgiving. Poor thing went through 26 hours of labor and had to have her by C-section in the end. Her name is Hadlee and she is beautiful.
Remember this picture that made my twins look small?
Well next to little Mav, the twins look HUGE!
My crush:
Not in the mood for a picture.
Thanksgiving dinner was awesome.
Look at that little fatty! Yes, that is my Tyler. The camera added a little chub, but this guy is growing! Dr. Bailey is going to be so proud. The twins have their 2 month check up on Wednesday.
Kristen and I nursing our babies. It wasn't too long ago that I pretty much gave up on the dream of having babies together. And look at us now.
Mckinley has found the most efficient way to carry all her stuffed animals around.
I really could hold these babies all day long.
They are getting harder to hold at the same time.
Look who's winking!
Beautiful girl in the tub.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today is Christmas!!

Okay, I just have to start off today by saying that today is soooo exciting! It's like Christmas for me. My sister AND my sister-in-law are both in the hospital today having their babies. One is having a boy, and one a girl, wasn't that nice of them to create some same-gender friend/cousins for my twins? And how funny that they are being born on the same day. Too bad they are at different hospitals. And too bad for both of them that they get cafeteria Thanksgiving dinner instead of the real thing. But it will be SO worth it.
Life is so good right now. We are past the first hard stage. I know there are many hard stages to come. Teething. When the twins get mobile. Feeding solid foods. And the list goes on. But right now we are in an easy, fun, awesome stage and I'm just going to enjoy every minute of it! Last week I got to go out FOUR times, three of them were dates with Brandon. That must be some sort of record for us. I think going out helped me to feel like life is normal again or something.
First, Brandon took me on a date two Saturdays ago. We ate at PF Changs and went shopping. It was awesome. All three kids slept the entire time we were gone.
Then last Tuesday Brandon's dad got us court side seats with dinner and halftime popcorn and all the good stuff. We didn't have a babysitter though so Brandon let me go with Mckinley and he stayed home with the twins. How sweet of him.
We had a blast. Mckinley loved Cosmo and always wanted to know where he was. We tried to get a picture with him but he was part of a performance so he wasn't paying attention to us.
The twins are getting so big! Of course this picture makes them look tiny compared to their giant sister, but trust me, they are getting bigger. 
Mckinley playing on Brandon's phone while we waited for dinner at Smokehouse.
Oh, I just can't get enough of these two.
Tyler started smiling at 5 weeks old. His smile is so stinking cute.
My mom and dad were babysitting my brother's 5 kids for a week and we added 3 kids to the mix for a night while we went and saw the new Twilight movie.
Mckinley is obsessed with stuffed animals and this is what she was doing at their house while we were gone.
Little miss Kallie finally started smiling too. It is so fun! Her poor bald head though...

So when the babies were about 6 weeks old I weighed them on my scale at home and they were both over 8 pounds. Now at 7 weeks they were both over 9. I can't believe how fast they are growing! Tomorrow they will be 8 weeks old and next Wednesday we have their 2 month check up and shots. I'm so glad they finally have some fat on their thighs. I was worried about how they would get the shots when they were so skinny.
They are both eating and sleeping better and life is just awesome. We really love it. I can't get enough of them! They are going to look so big next to their new cousins that will be born today.

Monday, November 12, 2012

November Pictures

I straightened Mckinley's hair one day and LOVED it.
Tyler is smiling! This picture is from today.
Mckinley and her cousin Bryce are playing together right now. 
Sometimes one baby will be screaming bloody murder and the other one just sleeps right through it.
Love this little onesie on Tyler! Our poor babies, they have both lost all the hair on the top of their heads. This is the old grandpa phase.
Mckinley playing in the leaves at my mom's house.
The beginnings of a smile.
The epitome of efficiency.
All ready to go out and play in the snow on Friday.
On a walk....yeah, I'm outnumbered.
Mckinley is so obsessed with her stuffed animals right now. She was telling her baby lamb to open it's mouth for the binki.
Tummy time. Uninterrupted.
Tummy time once Mckinley joined in.
He didn't even wake up when I took the picture. That's Tyler, even though he's in a pink blanket.
Loving these snugly babies.
Speaking of snugly, one day I really needed a nap and the only way I could get them to sleep was snuggled on and around me. We slept like this for three hours!
Building a snowman. They didn't get past the first snowball. I made him bring Mckinley in because she was getting too cold. We don't have any snow clothes for her.
Oh, she is cute!