Monday, November 12, 2012

November Pictures

I straightened Mckinley's hair one day and LOVED it.
Tyler is smiling! This picture is from today.
Mckinley and her cousin Bryce are playing together right now. 
Sometimes one baby will be screaming bloody murder and the other one just sleeps right through it.
Love this little onesie on Tyler! Our poor babies, they have both lost all the hair on the top of their heads. This is the old grandpa phase.
Mckinley playing in the leaves at my mom's house.
The beginnings of a smile.
The epitome of efficiency.
All ready to go out and play in the snow on Friday.
On a walk....yeah, I'm outnumbered.
Mckinley is so obsessed with her stuffed animals right now. She was telling her baby lamb to open it's mouth for the binki.
Tummy time. Uninterrupted.
Tummy time once Mckinley joined in.
He didn't even wake up when I took the picture. That's Tyler, even though he's in a pink blanket.
Loving these snugly babies.
Speaking of snugly, one day I really needed a nap and the only way I could get them to sleep was snuggled on and around me. We slept like this for three hours!
Building a snowman. They didn't get past the first snowball. I made him bring Mckinley in because she was getting too cold. We don't have any snow clothes for her.
Oh, she is cute!


Kim and Preston said...

They are getting so big! You look great! I love the picture of you on a walk. So cute!

Jilleen said...

You are doing a great job!! Such cute kids. Fun to watch the babies grow. I hope you are getting a bit more sleep. :)

Stacey said...

I'm loving all of the pictures. I'm surprised you found the time to blog. You ARE doing great, keep it up. They are all adorable.