Thursday, December 27, 2012

3 Months

These babies are three months old today! Time is flying and they are getting so much more interactive and playful, it's crazy how fast it happens.
There is a mirror on this toy that they could see themselves in and they were transfixed! 
Okay Mckinley is the cutest little thing ever. She asks to wear a dress anytime she wants to dance. We borrowed the movie Enchanted from my cousin the other day and she has watched it every day, more than once some days, since then. She was dancing to the closing credits when I took this picture. She is so fun. She even danced in the aisle at Church the other day during the closing song by the choir. Everyone around us loved it.
She got two puzzles for Christmas and if we do the border of them she can fill in the inside all by herself. It blows me away how smart she is. Love her to death! Update: later that evening after I wrote this post she sat down and did the puzzles all by herself and now she does them multiple times a day. Holy cow she is so smart!


Kim and Preston said...

A cruise is an awesome idea! Love seeing the pictures of your kids, so adorable.