Monday, December 17, 2012

Blessing Day

I'm used to blogger uploading your pictures backwards so I guess the blessing pictures will just be at the end of this post. This makes it chronologically correct anyway (is that even a word?).
I gave Mckinley an orange today and a minute later she said look Mom, it's a train! Oh, is she cute.
Cute cute babies. Tyler is so smiley. Kallie makes you work for it.
Mckinley is in an awesome cheesy grin stage.
These babies are growing up! This toy already entertains them. It amazes me how fast they grow.
I've been trying to get pictures that show how much bigger Tyler is than Kallie, but the pictures don't do it justice. You have to see it in person.
I love matching outfits! 
Here are the babes after Church last week. They wore cute Sunday outfits and then we never even got them out of their car seats. And after we came home, they slept for hour in there and went 6 hours in between feedings. What angels!


Love this. Mckinley was too fixed on the TV to look at the camera, but Tyler loves to smile.
Cute Christmas shirt she got from her cousin.
There's a Kallie smile.
I had to take some more pictures of them in the bathtub to see how big they are getting. To see them when they were smaller in the tub, look here.
 We had the funnest weekend this week with Brandon's siblings who were in from out of town. This picture was from Friday night. We stayed at his parents' house till really late and Mckinley never fell asleep. She went to sleep at 1:00 a.m. that night.
On Saturday it was snowing outside and Mckinley said Dad! Let's go out and catch the snow. She wanted to catch snowflakes on her tongue. How cute is that?
Okay, here we are to the blessing yesterday. We blessed the twins at Church and everyone from both of our families was able to be there. It was awesome. Such a great day. Brandon gave beautiful blessings that I need to get typed up soon.
Here are the babies in their car seats with the softest most perfect blessing blankets ever, ready to go to Church.
A few pictures we took before we headed out.
Tyler was able to wear the same outfit Brandon was blessed in as a baby! (If I had more time, I'd search through pictures to find the one of Brandon in this outfit.) Yes, it had lace on it. But it was perfect.
Kallie wore a borrowed crocheted dress that was beautiful.
My new favorite picture:
See Tyler? Always so happy!
I don't think Kallie is a big fan of having her picture taken.
Family shot. Love it!
I didn't even know Brandon took this picture but I love it.
This was seriously such an amazing weekend. I absolutely love Christmas time for all of the family get togethers. Mckinley is so cute this year with Christmas, she knows who Santa is and knows that he brings presents. We have an elf on the shelf named Buddy and she thinks it's fun to see when he moves around the house. When you ask her what she wants from Santa she just says presents. So easy to please! I love this age. Okay, I love every age. But seriously, Mckinley is a dream. She is such a good child, such a great big sister, so smart and so fun. She loves to sing the ABC song, Monkeys jumping on the bed, twinkle star, santa clause is coming to town, and rock a bye baby. She loves to dance around the room and is still totally obsessed with her stuffed animals.


Jennie said...

I really love how adorably smiley Tyler is.

Kim and Preston said...

So fun. I love all of their personalities.

Haley K said...

Loved catching up with your littles. :) All three are growing up so fast... and the twins looked darling on their blessing day! What a sweet month for you and your family Steph!

Blake and Kim said...

Sooo cute!!!

Kellie said...

Oh I can't believe how big they are getting! Time is flying! I know we haven't talked in a while but I was wondering if you could email me so I can ask you some questions? I didn't know if you still have your intermountain email or not. My email is Hope to hear from you soon!

Kris said...

Glad the blessing all went well! And I think Kalli looks adorable in the thin head bands! Super sweet.