Thursday, October 25, 2012


These are kind of in backwards order, but who cares.
I decided in honor of the first snowfall today, I would dress the babies up in cute jackets even though we have no intentions of leaving the house. :) Aren't they cute?
Love their hands.
And feet. 
I also wanted to take some pictures in the cute tutu Shellee made for Kallie. 
Tyler is smaller than her, not that much smaller, but it doesn't help when he curls up in a ball for the picture.
Mckinley is such a joy. Seriously love everything about this girl.
She has decided she is obsessed with her stuffed giraffe and elephant ("efelant"). She does everything with them. I love it! She put them in the bouncer chairs and tried to strap them in.
Here they are eating lunch with her.
She doesn't like to go to sleep without them anymore and always has to find her "aminals" before she goes to bed.

Doesn't this picture just scream "homeless?" We went to Macey's the other night to get ice cream cones with Brandon's parents. They wanted to bring Mckinley with them in their car. Ross asked me where her coat was and I said I forgot to bring a jacket for her. So Karen said "we might have something for her." Well Brandon and I got the twins in their car seats and didn't see Mckinley leave with Ross and Karen. We show up at Macey's and I saw them and they were with Ryan and Jessica's kids and I am looking around thinking um, where is Mckinley? She better not be lost. Then this little homeless kid turns around and I see that the child is mine! Ha ha ha, we laughed so hard at her in this little sweater. Seriously, I laugh out loud EVERY time I see the pictures of her in it.
First baths. Tyler. He was so mellow and just sat there.
Kallie. She screamed most of the time. Pretty typical of their personalities.
Mckinley kisses the babies all day long. She is so sweet to them.
 See the toilet paper? Mckinley thinks it's fun to pull it off and then she tries to roll it back on. This time she couldn't quite get it all back on.
Brandon and his babies.
Things have been pretty up and down. At the last weigh in, the twins had both gained weight, but not as much as the doctor wanted to see. So we are supposed to keep supplementing them after they nurse and go in for ANOTHER weight check. I am so done with this. I feel like I feed them all day long. I knew twins would be like that, but I have to nurse them, burp them, then give them bottles, pump if I have time, burp them again, clean the bottles and the pump parts. Taking care of Mckinley in between. And by then it's about time to feed them again. Can't wait till they can get everything they need from nursing!!!
They are also pretty darn fussy at night which is making for one tired set of parents. Good thing we have Mckinley around to remind us how awesome thing will be in the future.


Aubrey said...

Steph, I LOVE the pictures!! That picture of Tyler with the wrinkled forehead reminds me of Graham. And I laughed out loud at that picture of McKinley in the teeny BYU sweater. HAHA

Kim and Preston said...

They are sure cute. I love that little sweater that McKinley is wearing. So cute. Keep up the good work your kids are so cute!

Blake ~ Amber ~ Noah ~ Jade said...

All cute pictures! I love the one where kallie looks so much bigger than Tyler. He's in a cute little ball, haha. I sent an email to your Facebook, just so you know to check there!

Kris said...

hooray for more pictures! They are so sweet Steph. Mckinley too! And I got your text.. or was it an e-mail or a message/ I don't remember. Anyway... I DO want to come over and meet the twins so bad some time this next week. This past week Ben was out of town so I was trying to unpack the house and be big and pregnant and not go into labor at the same time. :) Anyway, the house is coming along and Ben's back now so I should have a minute to breathe. Also Lincoln's been sick and I didn't dare take him anywhere close to the twins. How's this week for you?

Amanda&Wade said...

busy busy! They are just the cutest!! I love seeing pictures!!! You have the cutest family ever.