Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Day in the Life of Mckinley

First words today:

Mckinley: Good Morning Mom
Me: Good Morning Mckinley
Mckinley: Thanks

Ha ha, she is so polite and so stinking cute.

After doing two puzzles this morning she wanted to watch a movie. I said no, let's play with toys. So she says, let's play with toys AND watch a show. Is that a good problem? (She says is that a good problem instead of is that a good plan.)

After getting her hair done, (but without seeing it in the mirror) "I look beautiful Mom."

Mom, can you turn on Little Einsteins going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship? She said all of that so fast with no breath in between any of it.

"I'm going to pop like a bunny rabbit." She says pop instead of hop.

"I'm good in doing this puzzle."

She started going on the potty all by herself, she'll go pull her pants and underwear down and go and then just tell me when she's done. It's kind of awesome. But she always says I'm good at going behind myself, instead of by myself.

Okay, so I started this post yesterday and didn't really finish it but I'm going to post it anyway just so I can look back on it later and smile at the cute things she does and says. There are so many more...


Camile Kellogg said...

She's the cutest Steph!