Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We had a really fun time over the last week doing lots of stuff with family since we had cousins in from out of town. Here are all the little Salmon cousins. There are too many babies right now and not enough big kids to hold them!

Mckinley and Sam sharing (finally!) the phone to watch a show.

At least all the time spent on the phone is spent together...right? 

Mckinley giving Sam a hug before he left to go get on his plane. Why are little kids so cute when they hug someone their same size?
Tyler and Kallie are starting to move a little...

Tyler started up where Kallie is. 

They are getting so big! 

So happy in their swings today! 
Mckinley was feeding popcorn to her hippo today. I love watching her user her imagination. 

Mckinley has been enjoying taking pictures. Here are some of the shots she captured.
Me and Tyler. 

Ha, so she took this picture and said something about getting my eye. 

Then she said I need to picture your other eye. So this is the next one. Ha ha ha. Totally cracks me up. Staying home with these three kids every day is the BEST!!!


nora.lakehurst said...

Oh my goodness. She is so cute. And I dont know why. But I also think it is so cute when they hug another person their same size too. How fun. And I LOVE how CHUNKY Tyler is. SO CUTE!