Saturday, June 8, 2013


So McKinley picked up a cough from her cousins on our vacation in Phoenix, which totally sucked. She is still sick, over a week later. She passed it to Kallie who coughed for like one night, and then she passed it to Tyler, and his cough developed into Croup. Totally sucked! Mckinley had Croup two winters ago. We were in the ER with her on a Sunday for like 8 hours. It was so scary and just the worst experience ever. Tyler didn't have it as bad as her. Brandon and I were able to manage his breathing all throughout the night (which meant we were up the whole night) with steam baths and middle of the night car trips with the windows down, but in the morning after trying an at home breathing treatment with a borrowed nebulizer from an awesome neighbor, I decided to take him in to the doctor. He got a steroid shot and a breathing treatment and we were able to go home an hour and a half later. Much better than last time. It's so sad to see your babies sick.
The part where he fell asleep in my arms was kind of awesome though.
Just for fun, here is a picture of Mckinley in the ER when she had Croup. Such a sad face!