Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our kids in June

These little cuties are 100% mobile, Kallie crawls pretty fast on her hands and knees (sometimes hands and feet) and Tyler is fast but just army crawls. They both pull themselves up to standing on anything and everything and Kallie has been standing without holding on to anything occasionally too. She is totally dying to walk. Not even 9 months old yet!
I love that Tyler sticks things in his mouth and then goes about playing with other toys.
One of my favorite pictures of Kallie.
Eating crackers and watching Baby Einsteins. I love it.
Love this.
Tyler fell asleep in his crib sitting up! It was the cutest thing ever.
Hanging out in the rocking chair together before bed (since it's too hard for me to hold both of them).
Mckinley is so creative and always doing things like this. She had to give each of her animals a pack of gum. She usually coordinates colors too when possible.
Cute after braid hair!!
The other day we went to Costco and Tyler and Kallie totally ripped each other's binkis out of the other one's mouth. It was hilarious.
Mckinley still has awesome sleeping positions. Love it!
Such a happy baby!
I have the hardest time getting a decent smile out of Mckinley. Here are a few that are cute.
The difference between boys and girls. :) Actually, Tyler isn't usually this messy but he was going crazy earlier and kept hitting the spoon out of my hand. It was driving me crazy.
Some more of Mckinley's creativity. She told me she made the fingernail polish look like the brush. Love that girl more than I can say!


nora.lakehurst said...

She is darling. I really think you should put Kinley into a city arts class. She would LOVE it. And yay for babies getting bigger. though I love when they are small.

Jamie said...

hey stephanie,
I wondered if you'd send me your address... and Julie's. I wanted to send you a wedding announcement for Carly. :)