Monday, June 3, 2013


We just got back from a week long vacation to Phoenix with all of Brandon's family. We had such a great time. We went to Phoenix four years ago and the morning we left my Grandpa passed away so I missed his funeral and I was so sad about it. This time, my uncle (his oldest child) unexpectedly passed away at age 69 from a cranial hemorrhage on Thursday before we left so I missed his funeral this time and was really sad bout it again. I'm thinking maybe that should be my last trip to Phoenix. I've had enough family members die, thank you.
Kallie and Tyler on one of our pit stops.
The kids were great in the car. Tyler and Kallie were awesome and just ate and slept in their car seats and were perfectly happy.
When we had about 40 minutes to go (of our ten hour trip), we got stuck in traffic. There was a bad accident and they closed down the entire freeway. We inched along like this for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. It was pretty annoying.
This was right when we got stopped.
After we realized there might be no end in sight, we got the kids out and let them play in the car.
We finally made it and went swimming right away.
Sunday we went to Church and I randomly saw one of my mission companions there. She sat right in front of me. It was a nice surprise.
After Church we took a family picture with the self timer on Jessica's camera. This family is getting so big! We didn't even see some of our family members hardly at all while we were there because there are just too many of us.
We teamed up, two couples per meal, and made some awesome home made meals while we were there. This was Karen an Jessica's home made Café Rio. Soooo good.
 Our view from our balcony.
Tyler and Kallie on their 8 month birthday.
Tyler and Kallie became even more mobile while we were there and got into all sorts of fun things.
Monday night we went to a Diamond Backs game. We didn't make it to the end with our three little ones. It wasn't exactly the best activity for our family at this stage.
One day we headed over to the next door hotel where they had a lazy river and swam there.
My sister Amy lives in Phoenix so we got to meet up with her for an afternoon and visit.
Mckinley and Brynlee sleeping together on the couch. So cute!
Tyler and Kallie are so much fun!!!!
Mckinley got a new life jacket and learned to swim around by herself with it pretty fast. She had a blast and was so excited to go swimming every day.
Tyler and Kallie chilled in their little swim floaties.
Family picture.
Mckinley and Brynlee resting again. :) McKinley is completely obsessed with Brynlee.
Tyler almost fell asleep in his floatie.
One night the guys went to a movie and had a guys night out while we watched all the kids, and then we switched and had a girls night out while the guys watched the kids. We went and got pedicures and ice cream.
Mckinley got stung by a bee right above her lip in the pool. She is already terrified of bees so Brandon told her she just got poked and didn't tell her it was from a bee. She was hysterical and cried forever and then crashed for like 4 1/2 hours. Her lip didn't even swell up at all which was a miracle. I think she has completely forgotten about it now.
Thursday night Ross and Karen watched ALL the kids (we were so glad Tyler and Kallie went to sleep before we left so they didn't have to worry about them) while all the couples went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
Brandon and I don't usually like that place but I finally got a meal I LOVED, the chicken Bellagio. And of course my Chocolate Coconut Cream cheesecake. I get the same one every time I go there. Which is every time we have a family vacation with Brandon's family.
Cute kids in matching yellow outfits!
I took out their binkis to try to get a smile and they were both off in a second.
The ride home went much smoother than the way there. Tyler and Kallie were seriously hyper to be back home. You could tell they recognized where they were and knew they were home. They were crawling all over playing with their toys again and Kallie was even crawling away from me when I would say "I'm gonna get you." She's never done that before. I brought them to their cribs and stood them up together like this and they were just loving it. Now Kallie is standing every time I go in there and Tyler is always sitting up. Time to move their mattresses down.
We had a great trip and are so thankful to Ross and Karen for making it happen. McKinley got sick from her cousins the day before we left so now we are home with a sick child but I guess we don't have anywhere to go anyway...right?