Sunday, September 29, 2013

Front Runner

On Saturday Brandon's dad gave us all free tickets to ride the front runner. We all went up to Salt Lake together and explored City Creek, ate some lunch, and headed back home. We had a really fun time!
Tyler and Kallie all bundled up waiting for the train.
Mckinley and Brandon on the train, probably looking at "aminals."
They had this really fun playground at the food court in City Creek that the kids loved.
All tuckered out...
Mckinley with her cute cousin Austin, in matching yellow shirts. So cute!

Happy Birthday - Part 2

My mom and dad came over after Tyler and Kallie's morning nap and gave them these cute foam chairs for their birthday. My mom already had the Dora one and she and my sister decided they could just make a second one for Tyler with stuff they had on hand. Hello! Awesome! It looks so amazing. And the babies love them. (One day I will stop calling them the babies. Maybe.)
My neighbor Jenna came over and gave them the cutest hats ever! Which were perfect for a little trip to Salt Lake on the front runner the next day.
All three kids trying to play with the new toys they got from Brandon's parents.
In the afternoon we did a little shopping and went to dinner at Pizza Factory.
Then we stuck some candles in donuts and sang to them again. Tyler and Kallie were so happy all day long, like they knew it was a special day. We had so much fun with them all day and are so happy to have them in our family.
And here are some pictures of them devouring their birthday cupcakes a few days before their birthday at Brandon's parents' house.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Month by Month

These guys sure have grown in a year!!!

Happy Birthday - Part 1

Tyler and Kallie are ONE today!!! So fun to think back on a year ago today when I was in the hospital having the easiest and best twin delivery ever. It was such an awesome day. Except for Kallie being in the NICU all day.
We started out with our birthday tradition - Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Then McKinley gave them the presents she bought for them at the dollar store. They were a big hit.
Balls for Tyler.
And a book for Kallie.
Then McKinley opened her present from Tyler and Kallie. New pajamas. :)
These two were in such a good mood this morning and just so cute! Even with Kallie being pretty sick.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I haven't added any pictures from September yet. This is going to be an overload post and I'm not going to apologize for it. I don't think there are very many people left that look at blogs these days. This is all for me to look back on later.
Kallie LOVES having things on her head now all of a sudden. She loves wearing headbands now and if they fall off, she will try to put them back on. Almost every day when we take her pajamas off we leave her shirt on her head and she parades all around the house with it like this.
 These guys love having their cribs right by each other (thanks Brandon). They will wake up from their naps and stand face to face and just giggle and laugh and jump on their mattresses. They do it a lot before their naps too. Which is just fine with me. All it means is more time in their room and I can get things done!
They love pulling all the wipes out of the case.
Having fun with this chair we borrowed from my mom. We want to buy some of these chairs for Tyler and Kallie for their birthday this Friday but they are not cheap!!!
Tyler and Kallie love throwing toys off the railing. Fine with us. Less toys in our permanently messy family room.
Thank you LoLo's for having double seated grocery carts! I wish every store had these. And why don't they, really?
We bought Mckinley a booster seat and switched Tyler and Kallie to be forward facing. Something we had really been looking forward to. (no pun intended)
I can't get over how cute this girl looks in a skirt and tennis shoes.
Mckinley is so so so so so fun. She says prayers on her own now and they are always so cute. She is learning a ton and we love the things she says.
Letting the babies play the piano at my mom's house.
We got out our old bouncer chair for the baby that Kristen nanny's and Tyler and Kallie have been having a blast with it. They climb in and bounce up and down in it. They both climbed into it themselves and were watching something on TV.
The kids taking a bath in the big tub.
Tyler and Kallie are obsessed with the dishwasher. Now they've started climbing on the door.
Mckinley gets into movies. Like one movie at a time. And she will watch that movie over and over and over and then talk about it constantly. Her current movie is The Croods. She has been making caves with her toys and so Brandon decided to make her a real cave with the couches and then on Friday night we brought out her mattress and let her sleep there. Brandon slept with her and I had no idea the whole night that I was in alone in bed. Ha ha ha.
Life is good. Tyler and Kallie turn one on Friday. They are so cute and so fun. Both walking all over the place. Kallie can practically run now. Mckinley is a doll. Always chatting it up with us and quoting movies and just being cute.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Heber Creeper

It is so hard for me to find time to blog these days, so this is kind of the overload.
McKinley and I got to ride the Heber Creeper with Kristen, Dayne, and Maverik. It was so fun.
McKinley was terrified of all the flies on the train, of course, but we still managed to have a good time.
The train went really slow and was just so relaxing.
Beautiful views!
Brandon has been wanting to go to my uncle's house in Mapleton forever and let McKinley ride his horses. We finally did it and oh boy, did she love it! I don't know if I've ever seen her more excited.
We took a trip with all of Brandon's family to the zoo. It was so fun. I love the zoo. Tyler and Kallie were more aware of the animals this time.
All the babies asleep in their strollers.
Brandon went to the Demolition Derby with his dad and brothers and loved it. I am more than fine sitting that one out every year. :)
We went to a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend Michael. We had lots of fun in the photo booth. 
Kallie and Tyler turned 11 months on August 27th. Trying to get a picture of both of them smiling together was near impossible.
Right at 11 months we stopped formula and bottles. Woo hoo!!!
They are always more excited to play with things like boxes than toys.
Starting to climb on things...
Tyler had a fever for a few days and was not happy. I enjoyed the cuddle time but I'm glad he's feeling better.