Monday, March 10, 2014

Hair Cuts

Mckinley's hair grows soooo fast! And is so thick. She totally has more hair than I do right now. Sad, but true. We got it cut about 6 months ago I think, and I just decided it would be fun to cut it again. Her hair is so wild that I don't really ever do it down so it's pointless to have it super long.
Her before shots:
I straightened it and I can't believe how long it looks!
Ha ha, love this sassy face.
She totally loves her new haircut and can't stop talking about it! It's the cutest thing ever. That evening looking in the mirror she put her hands on the bottom of her hair and sort of cupped it and said look, my hair just comes to here, it doesn't go on my shoulders anymore.
Then the next morning when she woke up she said Hi Kallie! Do you like my new hair?
I decided to have Kallie's cut as well, just to even things up a bit.
It's not super noticeable but it is shorter in the back and looks thicker now. I think it will grow in really nicely thanks to this hair cut.