Friday, June 20, 2014

8 Year Anniversary

Brandon and I had the most amazing 8 year anniversary celebration trip. We went to Las Vegas for THREE days with NO KIDS. It was pure heaven. 

We stayed at the Wynn Hotel. They had these beautiful displays. A hot air balloon and a carousel made of flowers. So amazing!

The pool was beautiful and completely covered in shade in the afternoon. Perfect for me and my fair skin! I loved it. We went swimming every day we were there.

The view from our hotel room was so amazing, overlooking the strip with floor to ceiling windows with shades that opened with the touch of a button. Oh, I wish we could have stayed longer.

We had a really good anniversary dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe.

Our waiter found out it was our anniversary and came out with this.

We got to see La Reve: The Dream. It was an awesome show.

Outside our hotel.

We made sure to go check out the water show at the Bellagio. A must do tradition for us every time we go to Vegas.

We got to eat at The Buffet at our restaurant and oh my gosh, there were so many choices. Really good food.

I had to get my New York Pretzel. Mmmmm...

Seriously we had the best time. We went to the movies, swam and relaxed in the pool, and just sat around doing nothing.

Eating at Freddy's in St. George on the way home. I love trying out new places. It was so good.

This was the best trip of my life. Totally loved it. We missed our kids but knew they were in good hands with my sister Kristen, who is a total angel for watching them for us. Oh, I hope it's not another 8 years before we do this again!