Friday, June 20, 2014

Cabin Trip

I was able to take the kids on an over night trip to the cabin. My mom bought a time share into a cabin in Fairview Canyon and I have a feeling we are going to make a lot of good memories there. I walked in to the cabin in the snow, back in February. Brandon still hasn't seen the cabin and I'm excited for him to go.

A deer we saw on the way in.

Tyler and Kallie were a little extra clingy and cranky while we were there. They probably missed their dad. Kallie followed me everywhere I went and always wanted to be held, so this is how I brought the cooler in to the cabin.

The beautiful view from the deck.

It was just me and my kids, Kristen and Mav, my Mom, and Kristen's friend Andrea and her family. We had a good time.

Cutest picture of Tyler and Grandma!

So it totally snowed in the evening. My brother Mark and his family were supposed to come but they never showed up because of the snow storm. Everything melted by about noon though and we were still able to enjoy going outside the second day.

Oh my goodness my kids are getting big!

Mckinley and I walked over by the lake while the twins were napping.

This girl is my everything. She is my little angel who keeps me sane in my crazy life. I love every second I get to spend with her.

Tyler and Kallie both wanted to swing and there was only one baby swing. Luckily they were happy to share. :)

This girl could swing all day long. She is so cute and just loves it!! Can't wait for the next cabin trip!


byufish said...

Cute pics indeed!! the side bar pics. Talk about a quick history of your lives together. Can't believe you've done so much in so little time!