Sunday, July 13, 2014

These Three

Man, we just love these three kids of ours. It has been a really fun summer. Tyler and Kallie are at a good age and we are actually able to go places! I thought for sure we would be stuck inside because they would run in the road or run away from me but they actually stay close to me when we go places which makes it possible to go places.

Mckinley practicing writing in Church.

This cute kid looks so grown up in a booster seat!

Kallie loves the swing more than anyone I know.

Fun at Grandpa and Marmee's in the castle.

His new golf clubs are his baby.

We have gone to Manila Pond twice now and just love it.

Kallie helping Dad in the kitchen.

Mckinley and Sam watching a movie on the recliner.

Kallie and Tyler enjoying their suckers at our ward party.

They did this all on their own on our back stairs. Cute kids!



byufish said...

Don't ever stop blogging. I feel like blogs slow me down. Instagram is the "on the fly" kind of app. You just scroll through and scan pics. But blogging....I relax and enjoy the posts. Your kids are so full of personality. I bet it's wonderful in person. Gotta make that happen in the next few weeks!!