Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July

Even though it makes for a super early morning, there is nothing we love more than going to see the hot air balloons. This year we went on the 4th since we weren't going to the parade. I'm pretty sure the 4th is the busiest day. Still tons of fun.

After the balloons we sat around and did nothing and our kids were so cranky from waking up so early. We went to a neighborhood BBQ for dinner but it was a pretty low key day for the most part.

Saturday we sat around and did nothing again all day, and still had cranky kids. Then we had a BBQ and did some fun fireworks with Brandon's brothers.

Kind of a different 4th of July this year. Just really low key. Brandon's parents were out of town and my parents left to the cabin as well and we are pretty boring on our own!

I put Mckinley's glasses on Kallie the other day and Brandon and I both died from the cuteness. Here's to hoping she needs to wear glasses one day!