Friday, July 25, 2014

Bear Lake

This picture has nothing to do with Bear Lake but it was too cute not to post.

So my Mom's side of the family goes to Bear Lake every two years for a big family reunion. We didn't go two years ago since I was big pregnant with the twins. So the last time we went Mckinley was just a baby. Bear Lake isn't really our thing, but we went anyway.

I love that Mckinley fell asleep opposite of where I set up her pillow for her.

The kids had a blast throwing rocks in the little stream out front of the house we stayed in.

Our kids had a blast at the lake. I love that it's shallow for so far out so you don't need to worry about life jackets or anyone drowning. They did so much better than I thought and just played and played and played on their own.

Mckinley told me she was tired after a while so I had her lay in the back of the van and she fell right to sleep and stayed there for hours. Made it nice to have one less kid to keep an eye on.

We didn't go to the lake till the twins had already had a nap and they were just as happy as can be playing in the water and dirt.

Brandon out on the paddle board.

The second day at the beach was hotter and we didn't stay super long, but still had a good time.