Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tyler and Kallie turn 2

So, I successfully kept the twins alive for two years. Not an easy feat, I will tell you that.

Tyler and Kallie's birthday was September 27th. I was hoping for two super happy kids all day like on their first birthday but we weren't quite so lucky. :) They did have a fun day though.

Mckinley and Brandon went out the night before and bought some presents for them. She had so much fun helping me wrap and hide the presents (tradition). We hung the birthday banners and blew up balloons.

We had our traditional Mickey Mouse pancakes. We actually made an awesome breakfast with eggs, bacon, and orange juice too.

Then they got to open presents. They totally knew what was going on and were really good at unwrapping and really excited with all the presents inside.

My mom gave Kallie this cute mouse costume for Halloween. It is so adorable!

I just love this picture. Cutest kids!

This was from the day after their birthday. Poor things never did get a birthday cake this year but they blew out candles in pancakes and brownies. :)

On their birthday we were supposed to go to the zoo but it rained the whole day so we went to lunch at Pizza Factory and then to the Bean Museum. We went out later that night for ice cream. It was a fun day.

Tyler petting the tiger head.

Can't believe they are two. They are talking so much now, especially Kallie. She says so many new words every day. Tyler probably talks more than the average boy his age because he has Kallie to try to keep up with.

They can still be pretty fussy and cranky every day but they are playing together more and are able to entertain themselves a little more these days, which is really nice for me. They play with Mckinley so well. They still sleep in cribs and take one afternoon nap. Tyler is in his own room and the girls share a room. I don't know how long we will keep it like that. Twins are hard but they really are so much fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We were so lucky to be able to go to Lagoon in place of Brandon's parents for the Nu Skin party. His parents were out of town. Kristen is such an angel and babysat the twins for us so we could go with Mckinley and have FUN.

Holy cow we had the best time ever. We went on ride after ride after ride with no lines.

Then we met up with Dallin and Hadlee and did a little switching off so we could ride some big rides.

Craziest story ever. Brandon's phone fell out of his pocket when he went upside down on Wicked. This was at the very end of the night. Well like half an hour before the park closed. So he waited around till they could go look for his phone. He thought for sure it would be shattered but he at least wanted to bring the pieces of it home. Well, miracle of all miracles, they found it, it was in one piece, and working PERFECTLY! Barely has like two scratches on the case. Soooo amazing!!!

Random Pictures

I let Tyler and Kallie lay together in bed one night. When I came into the room later, Kallie was stroking Tyler's hair. So cute!!!

Kallie really wanted to wear Mckinley's swimsuit one day. What a cutie.

Kallie is so sweet and so girly. She loves to wrap up babies in blankets and take care of them.

I let Kallie and Tyler play out in the rain one day while Mckinley was taking a crazy marathon nap all afternoon.

It's been a long long time since I took a picture of Kallie and Tyler with their cousin Hadlee. We had so much fun playing with her.

Tyler has been standing on his head a lot lately. Kallie thought he needed a haircut while he was down there. I dread the day when this happens with real scissors. Although I'd rather have Tyler's hair get cut on accident than one of the girls. Tyler's hair grows faster than we can keep up with it.

Standing on their very tip toes to see over the railing. Cuties!!

Museum of Natural Curiosity

There is a new museum at Thanksgiving Point that EVERYONE is talking about. We tried it out thanks to Brandon's friend for getting us free tickets. And I just have to say, it's not for us. Tyler and Kallie were awful and hated pretty much everything and whined almost the entire time we were there. Mckinley didn't really fall in love with any of it, she just kept wanting to move on to a new thing. I think we will wait a while before we go back.

This was the thing that entertained the kids for the longest period of time.

Walking along these rope bridges to get to the airplane almost killed Kallie. She hated it so bad.

Mckinley rode the zipline thing in the playground outside and I am very impressed she didn't fall off!

After the Museum we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Lehi. It's one of our favorite things to do.

The twins were so cute running down the hall holding their swim floaties.

Swimming was a big hit. Everyone loved it. We had such a great time.


The day after Labor Day Mckinley started preschool. She was so excited!

 We are so lucky that we just get to walk next door to go to preschool! No packing up all the kids in the car. Love love love that.

She was supposed to practice cutting a straight line and a wavy line. She cut the wavy line OUT of the paper instead of just cutting right on it. And we did a few shapes as well. The girl's got skills.

Ha ha. Totally cracked up when she came home with this in her All About Me book.

Doing her first worksheet of home work. She pretty much did it all by herself.

After her fourth day of preschool, she could write her name completely by herself. Hello!!! Makes me feel a little guilty knowing I probably could have taught her that...but oh well. That's why we have awesome preschool teachers, right?

Today 8 little bears walked out of the house next door. Sooooo cute!!!

We've been doing some take home activities that we borrowed from her teacher and she is just learning all sorts of stuff!

Labor Day 2014

We had a really fun Labor Day this year. It was my mom's birthday (hello, I didn't even get a picture 
with her. Oops.) so my family went up to Canyon Glen and had a fun picnic lunch.

Bryant and Tyler came dressed in the exact same outfit. Ha ha ha. So cute. 

Tyler and Kallie look so big just running around on their own. Kallie refused to wear shoes that day so she was just running around barefoot.

The kids had a blast throwing rocks in the river. Of course.

Then that evening we had another picnic at a different park with Brandon's family. Both times it took the twins quite a while to warm up to a new place (what's with that?) but eventually they had a lot of fun.

We went back to Brandon's parents' house and made s'mores that evening and just had a really great day.

Our Summer on Brandon's Phone

Finally got all of Brandon's pictures uploaded to the computer and decided that some of them were too cute not to post on here.