Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Labor Day 2014

We had a really fun Labor Day this year. It was my mom's birthday (hello, I didn't even get a picture 
with her. Oops.) so my family went up to Canyon Glen and had a fun picnic lunch.

Bryant and Tyler came dressed in the exact same outfit. Ha ha ha. So cute. 

Tyler and Kallie look so big just running around on their own. Kallie refused to wear shoes that day so she was just running around barefoot.

The kids had a blast throwing rocks in the river. Of course.

Then that evening we had another picnic at a different park with Brandon's family. Both times it took the twins quite a while to warm up to a new place (what's with that?) but eventually they had a lot of fun.

We went back to Brandon's parents' house and made s'mores that evening and just had a really great day.