Friday, October 10, 2014

Springwater Park

We had the most beautiful weather pretty much all through October. It was amazing. One day I took the kids over to Springwater Park, right by our house. I've never been there because it's right by the stinky sewer plant but my friend told me there is a house right next to the park with goats and I knew my kids would love seeing them so we went.

It ended up being the most amazing morning ever. All three of the kids were so happy running around on the slides and then over to the goats, and then back.

We went over to the edge of the park where there is a huge hill and the kids just ran up and down the hill. I sat and stared at them and felt so happy. It was a moment I totally needed because they are usually driving me nuts but in that moment I was so happy to be a mother and was just so grateful for my kids. It's a day I don't want to forget.