Saturday, September 5, 2015


Our kids had their very first experience camping. Brandon and I have camped quite a few times at all of my family reunions over the years but we haven't had a camping one since we've had kids. We decided to borrow a tent and sleeping bags and stuff and try it out. The kids LOVED it! They were so excited about it before they even really knew what it was.

Kristen gave the kids rides in this fun wagon.

The kids all had so much fun carrying around their own little flashlights. Brandon took them walking in the dark over to some trees and later they kept asking to go back to the "pooky fowest" (spooky forest),

Mckinley had to bring her notebook along to "draw pictures of everything in this world." She loves to draw more than anything and lately has been really into bringing notebooks around and drawing the fun things she does. She has some serious artistic talent!

And a picture of me and Bran since we never post them. Or take them.

The kids stayed up late even though they didn't have naps that day.

But eventually they conked out in the tent and did really well sleeping all night. Mckinley randomly woke up in the middle of the night crying and when Brandon went over to help her she was saying Where's my dad??? And he was saying I am Dad! She had no memory of it in the morning. Ha ha ha.

Kallie was completely sideways not on her pillow at all.

It's always so great to catch up with my cousins and the kids just love being outside in nature doing anything fun.

Mckinley busily drawing away in her notebook.

Such a great memory! I think we will start to slowly get our own camping gear and I hope we have a lot more camping trips in the future.