Wednesday, September 2, 2015


We have had a good September so far. Mckinley isn't loving Kindergarten as much as I thought she would. She complains that it's boring, takes too long, and that she gets hot and sweaty (from recess I think). I know it will pick up for her soon though when they get more into reading and stuff.

The twins are still in a very weird transition out of naps. We have soooo many pictures of them sleeping in weird places. They crash wherever. And always super late in the afternoon (see the clock?). It has made for lots of late nights. We have to tell them to go back in their bedroom 10 times a night sometimes. We just ordered a new bedroom set for Mckinley (that came today, woohoo!!) so she will move downstairs and the twins will each have their own room upstairs, which we are hoping helps. I just wish they could be done with naps. There is no way to get them to go down for a nap at a normal nap time, like 1:00 but they rarely make it through an entire day without crashing.

Mckinley is super into posing. Has been for awhile now. She always wants me to take her picture and is always posing. I love it!

Brandon hiked all the way up Timp in the middle of the night one night in August with three of his brothers. It took a lot longer than he thought but he had a great time.

Brandon took the kids to a Bees game up in Salt Lake. I stayed home throwing up with a super weird 12-hour flu that I am soooo glad no one else in my family caught. I was really sad to miss it.

I love this picture of Kallie sleeping wearing Mckinley's shoes and a diaper, and surrounded by stuffed animals. I love my kids so much!