Saturday, September 19, 2015

UFC Baby Reunion

Utah Fertility Center holds a big "baby reunion" party every year. Ever since we went last year and Mckinley got a butterfly painted on her face, she has been asking when this party is going to be and she decided months ago that she was going to get a snowflake painted on her face this time to be like Elsa. Last year the twins were sleeping during this so Brandon stayed home with them and just me and Mckinley went. 

The kids loved their face paint. They got balloons too. Mckinley got a flower, Kallie wanted a butterfly, and Tyler wanted a sword. Tyler totally chose all on his own that he wanted spider man on his face. He's never even seen spider man and doesn't have any spider man things. I think it's just because his cousin Austin likes spider man.

There was cotton candy, snow cones, food trucks for free, bounce houses, and we even won a movie package in the raffle!

This is the man we owe our twins to, Dr. Foulk. He is so amazing and wonderful. We are so grateful for modern medicine that has allowed us to have children. IVF sucks big time but it is so incredible and we are so lucky to have had success with it.


Barb said...

I have wanted to go to this for 2 years now but the timing never worked out for us. Next year! Dr. Gurtcheff was/is my doctor there. She is great.

Kim and Preston said...

So neat Steph! We just recently started going to him as well. Hopefully we will have the same outcome!