Friday, September 23, 2016

Salt to Saint

On September 23rd and 24th Brandon rode with his family in the Salt to Saint, a bike relay race from Salt Lake to St. George. Brandon only started riding a bike a month or two before this, but is in great shape so he did amazing. 

They had horrible rainy and cold weather, and Brandon caught the worst of it. Super bad timing. But they had a good time anyway and are already planning on doing it again next year.

I was so worried about him while he was gone, especially when I heard he crashed. He flipped over his bike and the bike landed on him. But he didn't get hurt!

This was just before his wreck.

It took them just over 24 hours to finish the race, Brandon froze to death riding at night. But they all made it home safely! They finished 5th in their division and 23rd overall out of 149 teams. Not bad!