Friday, September 23, 2016

To Remember...

Just some random pictures from September that I want to remember.

Tyler and Kallie dusting for me. This day has been a long time coming! I need to get my kids to do more chores like this.

My first time teaching Joy School was so much fun!!! I thought I would be so stressed but it was a lot of fun and really easy.

Then Tyler was teaching school to Kallie and Brandon. So cute!

His version of "R".

Brynlee and Mckinley pretty much wore the same outfit to school one day.

Kallie asleep on the chaise lounge. So adorable!

Kallie went at it again coloring on furniture. At least she will clean up her own messes!

I found this shirt that says Best Friends and it seriously looks just like Mckinley and Brynlee. Right hair color and styles, the glasses, and even the eye colors are right. Crazy!

36 weeks pregnant. And so excited to meet our little Ava girl.