Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tyler and Kallie turn 4

Our twins are growing up fast! They turned 4 on September 27th. They are so much easier now than they have been in the past (besides when they were adorable happy babies for awhile) and I just love it! They play together so well and entertain each other and are always together. It's adorably cute.

They had their 4 year well checks and did amazing. 

They each even got flu shots in their arms and didn't even cry at all. I was impressed.

The night before their birthday we got to go to Pizza Factory with all of Brandon's family and they got their number 4 pizzas.

The morning of their birthday we did all the traditional stuff. Hidden presents and mickey mouse pancakes in bed.

Their big present was a new slide.

It worked out really well that I was teaching joy school on the day of their birthday, so we kind of just turned it into a party and they had a lot of fun with their friends. We did a treasure hunt (that they lost interest in before it was over) and I let them frost and put sprinkles on their own cupcakes. They were pretty much too young for both of those activities so it ended up being a little stressful for me but it was my own fault. We still had a lot of fun.

Tyler was in love with this tool set he got!

Kristen made them some cute birthday cakes that they loved.

Then that evening we took them to play on their favorite playground at the Provo Rec Center. It ended up being a pretty simple birthday, but they had fun. Kallie kept asking me all day "is it still my birthday?" and when I would say yes she would say then what else are we doing that's fun? She is a little diva!

We sure love these two to pieces and are so excited to see them with our new baby when she arrives next week!