Tuesday, November 22, 2016

More November

This is the first time I have ever worn my babies in any kind of a backpack. It has been awesome! Especially with Ava because she has been pretty fussy.

Mckinley's turkey hat she made at school. This girl was beyond excited for Thanksgiving. Just so she could eat turkey.

I can't remember exactly when it switched but I think Ava was really happy and content for at least three weeks, maybe four. Then she got super fussy and was pretty much crying whenever she was awake.

But the sweet angel has been sleeping through the night pretty much ever since the beginning.

Kallie looks so cute in Mckinley's glasses!

The kids got all bundled up to go and play in the first "snow." It turned out to be just a thick layer of frost on the ground.

I love how little she is!!!