Monday, November 7, 2016

Park City and Halloween

My amazing friend Christina gave us her room at the Park City Marriott Mountainside resort. We had been wanting to take our kids there last summer but never made it happen. The kids were so excited to go stay in a hotel. We surprised them and didn't tell them until we were getting in the car.

I almost ruined the trip with an emotional melt down but we did have a really good time. We just stayed one night instead of two but it was a great getaway.

We drove around and found our favorite park from the last time we were there. It was windy but the weather was so nice.

The kids had a blast swimming. I was so happy to finally be able to get in a hot tub again!

Ava was there too. This picture is sideways. But I had to show proof.

The kids are still not tired of holding her. Look how excited Kallie is!


Beautiful girl.

Halloween outfit.

Mckinley was a witch. I wasn't going to go to her school parade but last minute I decided to and I'm so glad I did. I miss being at the school with her. I'm glad I went as much as I could before Ava was born.

My neighbor gave me this cute pumpkin outfit and last minute I remembered the pumpkin hat Kristen knitted for Kallie. Made for a pretty cute costume on an adorable baby!

Tyler was a pirate and Kallie was supposed to be a cat but went as the same fairy she was last year. I failed to get a picture of my kids alone in their costumes. Oh well.

I just can't stand how pretty she is!

Something you would only see with a fourth child. Pulling Ava around the floor on a blanket. Ha ha ha.

Her umbilical cord took a while to fall off but we finally did give her a real bath.

Grandma Kallie. I sure feel very blessed and just love these kids so much.