Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ava: week 2

Ava's first sponge bath. Of course the kids had to be right there helping.

Saturday Brandon went for a bike ride so I took the kids to Macey's for ice cream cones.

Kids painting pumpkins.

Making pumpkin shaped sugar cookies.

Tyler helping Kallie unbutton her dress. I love when he helps her get dressed. These two are best friends and they melt my heart every day.

We took a little family trip up to bridal veil falls. The kids had a blast!!

Brandon helped Tyler carve his pumpkins while the girls were gone at a birthday party.

Beautiful baby!!!!

Brandon took Tyler on a date to see the Stork movie to make up for the birthday party he missed out on. Tyler was soooo excited.

Kallie has the hardest time keeping herself away from Ava. It's adorable. She is always by her, touching her and talking to her. Whenever Ava cries Kallie comes running from wherever she is to try and help her. It's so sweet. Kallie is such a great big sister.