Saturday, January 21, 2017

Disneyland - Day 1

We had been talking with Brandon's family for quite a while about possibly going to Disneyland in January. Nothing got scheduled until last minute but we all decided to still go and booked it and went! I was pretty nervous about how the twins and Ava would do. But it was the best trip ever! We had so much fun. The kids were great in the car (for the most part) and at Disneyland. Kallie had a hard time on the way there and the first day but overall she was great. Everyone else was just perfect and we had so much fun.

Most of Brandon's family drove Friday night but we decided to wait until Saturday morning. Oops. It snowed sooo much Friday night and we drove out in the scariest snow storm ever! I had so much anxiety in my heart as we were driving on the freeway. The roads were terrible from home to about Santaquinn and then after that we were okay the rest of the way.

Ava has been so fussy but a few days before our trip she kind of turned a corner and was acting a lot happier. She was pretty happy on our trip and seriously I couldn't have asked for more from her.

I got to sit in the back by her and feed her bottles and help entertain her. She was a little fussy at one point and I got out my phone and turned on a baby app and she loved it! She even started touching the phone with her hands. She's only three months old!!! It was crazy! She doesn't know how to grab for toys or reach for anything yet so I was pretty surprised.

We stopped in Vegas and got to see Jordan and Annie's house and hang out with them for a while which was so fun. They have a fun playground right out the back of their house.

Played some games before Jordan had to run off to the hospital to work.

We got to our hotel and found out that the pool was closed for the season so we headed off to the Bellagio and saw their super cool Chinese display inside and then went and watched a couple fountain shows outside.

We have been trying for so hard to get Ava to laugh and while we were in the hotel room that night Kallie would kind of come at her like she was going to scare her and Ava let out her first real laugh. It was so stinking cute!!!