Monday, January 23, 2017

Disneyland - Day 2

We left Vegas early to avoid the traffic and still got stopped in traffic from an accident. It was so sad, we drove by right after it happened and saw them doing CPR on a guy. Then Brandon's brother drove after us and saw that the guy didn't make it. Definitely made us grateful to be safe.

This picture of Kallie sleeping in the car kills me!! She looks so incredibly uncomfortable.

So driving to California we drove in some craaaazy rain! We had really bad fog at one point and people were driving so slow with their hazards on. A little scary. But we got there safe.

When we got to our hotel we found out the pool was being renovated. They said we could use the pool at the hotel next door but it poured rain the ENTIRE day so of course we couldn't swim that day. The kids were so disappointed.

We went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory with 17 people, only 6 of which were adults. It was a little crazy! We ordered Mckinley a kids meal for the first time ever. She chose salmon.

Ava's first sink bath. They only had a shower in our room so this is where she got her baths.

The next morning even though we knew it would rain we went to Disneyland anyway. And it ended up being the best day ever at Disneyland! It didn't rain much and there were no lines. It was amazing! We had such a great day and went on so many rides.

Brandon took the kids on the carousel while I was in line for Peter Pan. The band rode right in front of them and played music the whole time. So fun.

Peter pan!

I got to go on Matterhorn for the first time in my life. Mckinley came with me and Brandon took the other kids on the Storybrook ride.

Meeting princesses. This was the scariest looking Snow White I have ever seen. I know that's rude to say, but it's true.

Splash mountain! Tyler's face kills me. Brandon told him they take your picture and to do a crazy face so I think he was screaming, on purpose. But probably scared too.

Karen and I with all the babies/strollers while everyone else went on Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The skies cleared up since our first picture by the castle in the morning.

Kallie loved the rocket ride and told Brandon that the next time we come to Disneyland she wants to ride that one first.

Ava was such a trooper letting us drag her around everywhere. As depressed as I have been that nursing didn't work out for her, it was really nice to be doing bottles on this trip. It made travelling and our time in the parks very easy!

We left the park early that night because it was freezing and the twins had fallen asleep. We ran over to the hot tub at the hotel next door and had a great time. It was a huge awesome hot tub and really nice pool.