Thursday, January 19, 2017


Just some random pictures from January.

I don't know how Brandon is strong enough to hold all three of these guys on his back! Mckinley weighs 50 lbs and the twins each weigh 40. Yikes!

So cute all ready for Church one day.


We had this one amazing day where I cooked a Thanksgiving meal for us. Turkey breast, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas, and cinnamon rolls (premade). Ava also took this super long nap in her swing and I was able to take the kids outside sledding and playing in the snow. Mckinley built her own snowman. Such a fun day! Most days are not nearly as productive or happy.

So sweet!

Getting so big!

More smiles!

Tyler and Kallie got their foam chairs up on the chaise and were looking through family pictures together. All on their own. So cute!

Kallie loves Ava the most and can't stay away from her.

This picture probably isn't appropriate for the internet but I'm adding it anyway. The night before we left to go to Disneyland some googles came in the mail for Tyler and Kallie. They came with nose plugs too. I just randomly found Tyler like this on the toilet. I laughed so hard! Ha ha ha.