Thursday, February 2, 2017


Cute smiles from this babe!

Her older siblings are still obsessed.

If smothering could kill, Ava's life would be over and Kallie would be the culprit.

Love her.

Mckinley whipped out this masterpiece on the chalk board at Menchies in seriously just a few minutes. She has some crazy artistic talent.

Tyler and Kallie are going to take naps forever.

I love that kids are still entertained with simple things like boxes.

Tyler and Kallie destroyed the family room.

One week Brandon and I got Shannon to babysit so we could go to PF Changs. Ava cried for her most of the night. Then a few days later Kristen watched our kids and we went to Purple Turtle. Mckinley decided to come with us. It was nice going on a few dates!

Mckinley got a free book from the book fair and picked out one about these girls that try on all different sorts of hats. Then she started creating some of the hats from her book. She is so amazing! I keep telling her she was born into the wrong family. She is too amazing for us. She has so much potential that she doesn't reach because we hold her back. I feel so bad about it all the time.

Family date night to Cold Stone!