Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

On February 12th Ava turned 4 months old. She is still pretty dang fussy but has more happy moments, and is still a great sleeper. She finally got back to sleeping all night long after our Disneyland trip. Woohoo!

We got her ears pierced the week before she turned 4 months. They were horrible so we took them out and got them redone a few days later. Now I am considering getting them redone a third time because they are uneven, one higher than the other. It's so hard since we don't have great earlobes. Sigh.

Kristen was supposed to get induced on the 17th but instead her water broke at home and she had baby Rayne on the 12th, exactly 4 months after Ava. She is tiny and so cute!

Tyler and Kallie got to pass out valentines to their joy school friends. I had them cut them out and sign them themselves and I love them so much.

I had to dress her in red for Love day. Brandon and his brothers cooked a delicious dinner for all of us wives and the kids went next door to watch a movie. Such a fun Valentine's night!

Tyler put on Mckinley's boots, coat, backpack, and glasses and then gave me this super cheesy smile. He cracks me up!

It's been a rough couple of months at our house but somehow through it all I am keeping the kids alive and occasionally we are making good memories. I feel so inadequate as a mom and I feel like I fail my family every day. They deserve so much better.