Tuesday, November 7, 2017

BYU Basketball Game

The kids got to make a hummer at Home Depot in honor of Veteran's Day. They had so much fun. We skip the paint and just do the stickers and keep things easy!

Cutie pie Ava eating a sucker.

We had an early Turkey dinner at my mom's since Bryant's family wouldn't be around for Thanksgiving. Mckinley ate her weight in turkey. I don't know another child that loves turkey as much as she does!

Kallie and Grandma.

After the dinner we got to go to Jason and Shannon's for a really fun magic show. All of the kids got turns helping out and they all thought it was really cool. His last trick of ripping up the newspaper was awesome!

Ava is obsessed with this white receiving blanket with butterflies on it. She has deemed it as her favorite and sucks her thumb anytime she sees it and has a hard time sleeping without it. I always struggle trying to wash it because it's hard for her to go without it for as long as it takes to wash and dry a load of laundry.

The kids LOVE playing on the toys at Walmart.

A falcon out on our back deck. We enjoyed watching this guy around our house for a while. I ended up going out a few days later to clean off the back deck and found a dead bat and a dead bird on our deck. Yuck! Not sure if this guy had anything to do with those or not.

Mckinley disguised her turkey this year as an owl. She was a little sad I convinced her to do this instead of the mummy she wanted to do.

We were lucky enough to take all of our kids to a BYU game. They had Bombay House for dinner before the game and it was absolutely amazing. We always love when we get to go sit in the front and have lots of treats.

Ava clapping with the crowd.