Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Park City Getaway

We were able to take a really fun short trip to Park City the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Ross booked a place for a week and our family went and stayed Sunday and Monday nights. The place was amazing as always and we had a blast.

All the kids wanted to do of course was swim, swim, swim. So that's what we did!

Brandon left on Monday and went to work so I was up there with the kids alone. They had some fun craft things we could go do and we spent time playing in the game room, and of course, more swimming!

The kids made little hideouts in the hotel and thought it was really fun to eat their lunch in there.

The place we stayed at was right on Main Street and we attempted a walk around but it was FREEZING so we didn't go too far.

By Tuesday the twins got up the courage to swim without their floaties! It was a major break through and so fun to watch them learn to swim on their own. Tyler is so daring and does flips into the water, even without floaties. We are excited to go swimming again soon and let them practice what they learned. We sure loves these Park City trips that give our kids the chance to swim a lot. There's nothing they would rather do more.

The pool was indoor/outdoor and it was so warm and so fun to swim outside, even when it was snowing out there. We were glad to be able to spend some time with Ross there.