Monday, November 20, 2017

November Happenings

Mckinley has the best teacher at school. She does so much festive stuff. They did tons of Halloween and Thanksgiving crafts, and right now she has an elf that moves every day in her classroom. We are so glad we picked her!

Tyler loves Ava so much.

Ava loves carrying around purses. Anything with a handle she will turn into a purse. She gets them on her arm herself. She has done this since she was about 10 months old. It's so cute!

Brandon falls asleep pretty much every night while we watch TV. This particular night I think they all fell asleep before like 8:00. What the heck? Ha ha.

We sure enjoy the most beautiful view out our backyard with some spectacular sunsets. I absolutely love where we live!!

I found some selfies of Kallie on my phone that have me very worried about her teenage years. As if I wasn't already worried! She is full of sass and spice this one.

I went to see Mckinley at lunch one day and took a picture of her with her two good friends, Sarah and Jessica.

I had to take all the kids with me to Mckinley's dance one week when Brandon had a basketball game at the same time and it was hilarious watching Ava try over and over to climb up this big step. Ha ha ha.

The kids had a great time at Maverik's karate birthday party. Mav was such a spaz and this picture of him peeking while everyone was supposed to have their eyes closed shows perfectly his personality!

Mckinley is always creating something. Even out of cereal. She seriously can't stop. Her brain just goes a million miles a minute. She could craft all day long.

Mckinley's drawing of the nativity.

Ava with yet again another "purse" on her arm.