Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Ava just looked so cute one Sunday before Church. Her hair totally curls on one side and stays straight on the other. Ha ha.

She loves to rub her hair when it has shampoo in it.

Mckinley made it to the top of the rock climbing wall at the Provo Rec Center. She did the one inside the pool too.

Kallie wanted to have a make up party one day when she and I were having "alone time."

My cute little school girl. Mckinley looked like a teenager to me this particular day. She's growing up so fast!

I let the kids take Ava down on the sled. She had a blast in the snow even though she doesn't have any snow clothes. She didn't get to stay out long, and she was mad when I brought her inside.

Oh, that cute smile!

 I had Maverik and Kayler for three days while Kristen was out of town. It went a lot better than I expected and was a good experience, empowering to know I can do life with two extra kids. We took them all to the Bean Museum one night, which was our only outing while they were here.

Maverik and Tyler played straight for three days with no fights or drama whatsoever. Kind of wonderful.

Mckinley had to get a picture by the turtle since it's her "spirit animal" (from some random questionnaire online she did with her cousins). Ha ha ha.

I can't remember where the girls were for this but for some reason Tyler and Mav got to watch a movie all by themselves in the theater.