Monday, February 12, 2018


February was rough. We had all that sickness that I posted about and then had a little bit of normal life, and then more sickness. This post is pictures from when we were relatively healthy.

Cute cute baby! We just love her to death.

One of the days when Mckinley was home sick from school she sat down at the kitchen table and just started drawing a picture of the view out our back window. She drew this so fast and seriously I was just blown away. She has such talent!!!!

The finished product.

The view she drew it from.

We enjoyed one warm-ish afternoon and read books out on a blanket. Having Mckinley home sick actually gave us lots of time to get some extra reading done. I read the first Box Car Children book to her in three days.

This picture is so cute of Ava asking Kallie for whatever it was that Kallie is holding.

Tyler makes some pretty amazing creations with his mega blocks.

He had this one on the shelf in his room for awhile and even put sunglasses on it. Ha ha ha.

I took Sophie and my three youngest to Walmart one morning for a random outing and they seriously had a blast. Lol. At Walmart. Ha ha ha.

Mckinley was awarded Student of the Month. Not surprising, but we were still very proud of her and took her to Menchies to get her very own ice cream that she didn't have to share with anyone else. We swung by Chick Fil A on the way to pick up our free vanilla ice cream cones for the twins.

My handsome dude Tyler.

Ava playing in Grandma Bishop's basement having a blast.